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Update Your Plate: The Ultimate Diet Guide for Women 40-60 Years Young

Healthy Salad close-up

Include enough calcium for bone health: Calcium is integral for strong bones and women between the ages of 19 and 50 need 2.5 serves of calcium-rich foods per day, to reduce risk of osteoporosis or weakened bones. Women over 50 need an additional serve, due to the drop in oestrogen reduces the amount of calcium […]

build a school lunch box: 4 new ideas

It can be challenging encouraging children to eat different foods, but with persistence and consistency, children will try new things, allowing them to reach their growth and learning potential.Hover over each lunch box photo for details of what is inside. Remember that even small changes are positive, so try simple swaps such as:– Swap a […]

Breakfast cereals – how do you choose?

Data collection by Victoria Hobbs, Deakin University Disclaimer – I receive no remuneration from reviewing these brands; this is an unbiased, professional opinion based on a selection, and is not a definitive list. How many times have you stood in the breakfast cereal aisle overwhelmed by the sheer number of options? So many people say […]

how to socialise your way to health

Nicole Bando, APD, IBCLC​It’s a privilege to be allowed to glimpse into a person’s life, family, thoughts and vulnerabilities. When discussing weight, health and body image, these aspects are so closely intertwined, that to really understand someone’s dietary choices, you must first understand them. Celebrations, eating out and socialising are a part of our lives […]

children & fluids: how much?

By Nicole Bando, APD & IBCLC, 17th September 2019 Water is vital for all of our body’s basic functions, such as carrying nutrients to cells, regulating body temperature and ensuring healthy bowel motions. I am often asked, how much fluid do children need?The answer depends on their age, body weight and other factors, such as […]


By Nicole Bando, Family & Paediatric Dietitian & Lactation Consultant With school on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about your child’s lunch box. The lunch box provides up to 40% of a child’s daily intake and presents a vital opportunity to fuel rapid growth, development & learning. A well-packed lunch can maximise a […]

meal prep for beginners

By Nicole Bando, Family & Paediatric Dietitian & Lactation ConsultantJanuary 25, 2020 If you’d like a more organised start to the work and school year, learn to meal prep like a boss. This really is one of the best ways to keep healthy and gets easier with practice. Mix and match combinations and change it […]

Which milk? a review of plant vs dairy milks

By Nicole Bando, Dietitian & Lactation Consultant Cow’s milk: an excellent source of protein, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, Vitamin A & 12, lactose, zinc. Choose full cream, 3.8% fat (unless you have diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease or would like to lose weight, then opt for low-fat or skim (0.15-1.5% fat) Lactose free cow’s milk: A […]

one more serve of veg

By Nicole Bando, APD, IBCLC Make a breakfast omelette – throw in a handful of veg such as spinach, capsicum, mushrooms. Add lean ham, cottage cheese or feta. Snack on a small can of corn or 4 bean mix Snack on a cob of corn Grate loads of leftover veg to make vegetable fritters, recipe […]