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Family Nutrition

Many parents feel that their family’s dietary habits need improvement but feel confused and uncertain about how and what to change. Sometimes it may be related to concerns about a particular family member, and a family session can be an excellent way to avoid singling out one person. It can be hard to know how to talk to children about nutrition to foster a healthy relationship with food. I support many families with children of varying ages to make the most of their nutrition for school, work, growth, play and sport. Family nutrition is exciting, as wonderful and positive changes happen when everyone is on board! (continues below)

Our initial 90-minute family consultation will be spent understanding the needs of your family and gathering background information. This includes the ages, medical history, activity levels, growth concerns and specific needs of each member of the family, as well as a deep dive into each person’s usual daily food habits. (If it is noted that an individual requires further support, this will be discussed and a separate appointment may be recommended). Once all of this data is obtained, I will summarise areas that the family are doing well and areas which may need further support to improve. This will cover risk of nutrient deficiencies, imbalance of food groups or risk to healthy growth.

From here, I will support you over time to build a balanced repertoire of meals and snacks for adults and children, including kinder or school lunchbox suggestions. I will explain why I make recommendations and provide education about nutrition for growth, mood, concentration and activity, based on the family’s needs and questions. We may cover the working/school week, as well as how to navigate weekends and social occasions when it comes to eating out. We will discuss how to promote healthy family habits and an environment supportive of healthy eating. I will provide you with the language to discuss nutrition to promote a positive relationship with food and bodies for all family members. Family nutrition most often requires a series of follow-up sessions, to build these healthy habits over time, however your family’s unique needs will be considered in our planning.

Changing dietary habits may feel overwhelming, however with the right support and information, this can be a positive step in your family’s life together. To make a booking, please click the button below.