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How much do I need to eat whilst breastfeeding?

You may find yourself incredibly hungry and short on time, whilst navigating life with a newborn baby and breastfeeding. You may be wondering if there are certain foods or nutrients you need to eat more of. Perhaps you are wondering if you should avoid certain foods whilst breastfeeding. Or are there foods that boost milk supply? Maybe a relative has mentioned foods to avoid and you’re not quite sure. (continues below)

As a breastfeeding and nutrition specialist, I will guide you through our initial 60-minute consultation, to understand yours (and baby’s) medical background, breastfeeding patterns, frequency, baby’s growth (and any concerns), your lifestyle and diet (what you eat, how often, how much). I will also ask questions about nutrient deficiencies, (such as iron deficiency), any recent blood tests and your weight changes with pregnancy and postpartum. Once I have this information, I will provide you with an assessment of your diet, including things you are doing well and areas I can support you to improve. I understand that life as a new mum is busy and cooking intricate meals is not at the top of the priority list. My recommendations will compliment your lifestyle, they will be practical, easy to implement. You will be provided with a detailed meal and snack guide, including type, suggested amounts and frequency of foods to eat. My aim is to help you fuel yourself so you can look after your baby with the most energy possible, not to aim for the perfect diet. If you are concerned about weight loss, guidance will be provided.

With support, good nutrition can help with energy levels, mood and coping with the significant life change of having a newborn. To make a booking, please click the button below.

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