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Low breastmilk supply

Many mums worry that they don’t have enough breastmilk for their babies. Your baby may be constantly unsettled, not having many wet or dirty nappies, or not growing quite enough. Some mums worry that they don’t have enough milk only to find with the right support that they have just the right amount. There is much that can be done to increase your breastmilk supply. (continues below)

In our 90-minute initial assessment, I will first understand your breastfeeding goals, assess you and your baby’s medical history, bub’s growth, feeding patterns and how baby is feeding, by observing a breastfeed and asking lots of questions. This may also include discussion about any weight changes you have had since delivery and your diet. Once I identify the cause(s) of reduced supply, I will talk you through the various strategies to increase breastmilk supply for healthy growth of your baby. You will be provided with a feeding management plan, based on your unique goals. As needed, this may include strategies to improve latch, positioning and attachment, help you to understand when your baby is drinking milk efficiently, hunger cues. Management may involve recommendations to express (with detailed guidance of how often and how long, type of pump, etc) or supplement (top up) with expressed breastmilk or formula, if needed. There are medications that help to boost milk supply and if warranted, I will refer you to, or liaise with your other healthcare professionals for further discussion. I provide a brief follow-up phone call within days of the assessment. Additional 30-60 minute appointments will be arranged depending on your needs.

With the proper support, concerns about breastmilk supply and your baby’s growth can be overcome. To make a booking, please click the button below.

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