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Iron Deficiency.

Iron deficiency can impact a child’s appetite, growth and development, and of course their energy levels. Your child may appear pale and listless. Children who are fussy eaters, vegetarian, vegan, drink a lot of cow’s milk, or slow to start solids are at greater risk of iron deficiency. Parents may feel unsure about which foods contain iron and how often they should be included. Some children dislike meat or protein foods. An iron supplement may have been prescribed by your doctor and a review of diet is important to protect against future deficiencies. (continues below)

Our initial 60-minute assessment will cover your child’s growth, development and nutrition and feeding history. I will work with you to understand your child’s eating habits (what, how, when) as part of the greater family. With this information, I will assess your child’s overall diet, accounting not just for iron, but all nutrients.
Once the assessment is done, together we create a management strategy that fits with your unique family’s needs. This will be practical, whole family-based and provide a detailed guide of ‘what’ (types and quantities of foods to include), as well as ‘how’ (meal time & responsive feeding management strategies). You will learn which foods are high in iron (plant-based and animal sources) and how often to include them. Additional concerns will also be addressed (for example, poor growth or food allergies). I will advise if your child may need blood tests or additional investigations and I will refer, or liaise with your other healthcare professionals as needed (e.g. paediatrician or GP).

You will be provided with the tools and confidence to feed your family.To make a booking, please click the button below.