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Nutrition for primary school-aged children.

Do you wonder how much your primary school-aged child should eat from the 5 core food groups (meat/plant-based alternatives, dairy & alternatives, grains, fruit, and vegetables)? Do you wonder how many carbohydrates they should be having? And what about fats? As children grow, it can be confusing to know how much of each food group to feed them. Are you worried about particular nutrients, such as iron or calcium? You may wonder how much activity or sport your child is recommended to include and how this impacts their nutritional needs. Or perhaps you need some support to reduce your child’s screen time. Many parents wonder what to pack in their child’s lunchbox and what makes a good snack. Whatever your goal, you will be supported with relevant information. (continues below)

Boy eating lunch at school

Our 60-minute initial assessment will cover the growth, development and medical history of your child (including food allergies and intolerances), how they were fed in their first year (breast/bottle or both), right up to what they eat and drink now, including when with other carers, such as grandparents or at out of school hours programs. Your questions about how much of each food group your child needs, understanding their growth needs, fussy eating, understanding their appetite and fullness signals and how to feed your child responsively. This helps to set up a positive relationship with their bodies and food. The family’s food habits will also be discussed, in the context of setting up healthy habits for your child/ren. You will be provided with an individualised feeding guide with balanced meals and snacks that cover the 5 food groups, and support family preparation of food, to make your life easier as a busy parent. I will liaise with or refer to other health professionals, as needed.

With the right support and information, you will have the confidence to feed your growing primary school aged child, for best learning, growth and overall health. To make a booking, please click the button below.