Nicole Bando | Dietitian & Lactation Consultant

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What does a paediatric dietitian do?

A paediatric (children’s) dietitian has additional postgraduate training (as well as a university degree in Nutrition and Dietetics) to support babies, children and teens to eat well for their growth and development. I have obtained the Royal Children’s Hospital Certificate of Paediatric Nutrition. This includes management of medical conditions, such as Coeliac Disease, food allergies and intolerances, failure to thrive (poor growth), iron deficiency and other nutrient deficiencies, preterm (premature) babies, fussy eating, selective eating, food aversions, delayed solids introduction, overweight and obesity and a range of other conditions, as well as specialised diets (e.g. low FODMAP, gluten-free, high calorie, vegetarian and vegan or highly specialised diets as required).

As a lactation consultant, I specialise in early baby (infant) feeding, including breastfeeding, expressed breast milk or formula (bottle) feeding and mixed feeding, including the transition to solids and weaning. I will support you to balance food and breastmilk or formula once solids are introduced, into their childhood, providing toddler nutrition, preschool nutrition and primary-school nutrition, as required. The latest evidence-based practice is implemented to make sure your child and family receive the best care. (continues below)

What does a children’s dietitian do?

Our initial 60-minute assessment will cover in great detail your child’s medical history, early feeding history (if breastfed, formula, bottle or mixed fed as a baby), transition to solids, right up until their current dietary patterns, always accounting for the lifestyle of the family. Your child’s growth will be assessed and plotted on growth charts, to understand their percentiles and growth over time. This will be shown to you and explained.

A thorough analysis of your child’s diet will examine if they are eating across the 5 core food groups (meat and plant-based alternatives), to determine if they are eating enough of the right nutrients, such as protein and energy for growth, iron for growth and development, or calcium for growing bones. The results will be explained to you. From this assessment, an individualised management plan, detailing the types of foods, quantities, and how often your child needs to eat from each food group. The reasons for including various foods will be explained to you. Over time and follow-up sessions, you will learn to support your child in a range of ways, including (not limited to): building healthy family food habits, healthy food relationship, understanding hunger and fullness, preparing balanced meals and snacks, how often to incorporate treat foods, social occasions such as parties and sleepovers, healthy lunchboxes and growth expectations, depending on age and stage. Your child’s growth will be monitored closely and I will liaise or refer you to additional health professionals in your team (e.g. paediatrician or GP).

With support and great nutrition, you can help your child to thrive, play and learn. To make a booking, please click the button below.