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My child is underweight.

If your child has crossed percentiles on their growth chart, is under the lowest percentile, or has stopped gaining weight, you may be naturally feeling worried and unsure what to do. (continues below)

Our initial 60-90 minute assessment will cover your child’s growth, development, early nutrition and feeding history. If breastfeeding, bottle or mixed feeding, I will observe a feed to assess if your baby is drinking milk efficiently. For an older child eating solids, I will assess your child’s eating habits (what, how, when) as part of the greater family’s habits. I will also assess a breastfeeding mother’s diet and recent medical and weight history as this can impact a baby’s growth.
With this information, I will explain if your child is receiving adequate breast/bottle/solids, which foods your child is eating enough of and those foods or nutrients we need to focus on increasing. I will provide feedback on the diet of a breastfeeding mother.

Together, we create a management strategy that fits with your unique family’s needs. This will be practical, whole family-based and provide a detailed guide of ‘what’ (types and quantities of breastfeeds/bottles/foods to include), as well as ‘how’ (meal time & responsive feeding management strategies). Breastfeeding and bottle feeding strategies will be provided depending on the child’s needs. We will discuss healthy growth, weight goals and how to recognise and respond to hunger and fullness signals. Over time, we will refine this strategy, based on your child’s progress and growth. I will advise if your child may need blood tests or additional investigations and refer, or liaise with your other healthcare professionals, if needed (such as their paediatrician or GP).

You will be provided with the tools and confidence to feed your family.To make a booking, please click the button below.