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Food Allergies and Intolerances

If you are a breastfeeding mum who has been told to eliminate dairy, soy and/or other foods from your diet by your doctor or maternal health nurse, you may feel hungry, tired and confused. You may have many questions about how to navigate this challenge, as eliminating whole food groups can be tricky. It is so important to fuel yourself whilst breastfeeding, so that you may nourish yourself and your baby, avoid nutrient deficiencies and rapid weight loss, whilst breastfeeding, as this can impact supply. Many mums worry about calcium when eliminating dairy products. (continued below)

During our 60-90 minute initial consultation, I will take a detailed history about you and your baby, understand symptoms (such as blood in the poo) and their progression, your baby’s growth, breastfeeding patterns and any concerns associated with feeding (possibly with observation of a breastfeed). I will assess your diet to ensure that you are having adequate calcium, iodine, Vitamin B12, iron, energy, protein & additional nutrients. I will make recommendations based on your usual eating patterns and provide a detailed guide with food types, quantities & brands. Supplementation with certain nutrients may be recommended, as may blood tests (in some circumstances). I will guide you with label reading and how to rechallenge foods such as soy and dairy (when appropriate and with guidance of the doctor overseeing your care). If your baby is ready to start solids, guidance will be provided to suggest alternative foods to avoid allergens.

​With support, it is possible to eat well, increase your energy levels, obtain all the nutrients you need from your diet and continue to breastfeed. To make a booking, please click the button below.

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