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Weaning off breastfeeding.

Sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t go as planned and you may find yourself unsure if and how to continue. Or perhaps your baby is now older and you have decided it is time to end the breastfeeding journey. Or perhaps you are returning to work. There can be many reasons why women decide to wean breastfeeding, it can be an emotional and overwhelming time; I will provide you with the support you need to make the right decision and discuss your feeding goals. (continues below)

Our 60-90 minute assessment will go through your feeding journey, challenges you may have faced, your baby’s growth, behaviour, output (wet and dirty nappies) and development. We will discuss your baby’s current feeding habits, including how often, volume, expressing habits and your baby’s food intake if your baby has started solids. The management strategy will vary greatly, as it depends on your aims, the age and stage of your baby, and if your baby is including solids, or needs an alternative to breastmilk. Weaning takes time and you will be provided with a detailed plan and feeding guide based on your needs. I will refer you to, or liaise with your other healthcare professionals if needed.

​With the right support, these challenges can be overcome. To make a booking, please click the button below.