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‘My recipes are colourful, pretty, balanced and designed to inspire happy & sustainable eating habits’


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Have you ever looked at a 4-year-old’s outfit and thought, ‘I wish I could do that?’ You know what I’m talking about, stripes, stars, spots clashing all over the place, topped off with gumboots and sunglasses. Look, I know that I have and really, why not? Life’s too short to be matching. A very special little friend visited the other day, sporting the most amazing outfit, that may or may not have included a ladybird jacket cape. Stop it. One day, she will rule the world.

The thing is, these kids are onto something. Imagination is key, so why not let the sparkle and pizzazz extend to their meals? Today’s post is about my rainbow day, inspired by the children. It’s all about making yourself feel that little bit fancy. Trust me, you’ll feel good and the kids will pick up what you put down.

Let’s start with breakfast fit for a mini dictator queen (at her request, of course):

1. ‘Circle rainbow porridge:’ Quick oats made with milk, kids given creative licence with cinnamon shaker, fruit and a little honey to decorate. Tomorrow we’re adding blueberries.Breakfast, lunch or dinner:

2. Avocado and tomato on sourdough, topped with chickpeas, rocket, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Dinner for everyone. I’m not into making separate meals, it’s time consuming & unnecessary. Also, preparing food with the children and eating together helps to shape lifetime eating habits. Gluten free or Low FODMAP: use gluten-free bread

3. Rainbow pizza: This is a great school lunch box idea. Spread 4 small wholemeal pita pockets with passata, topped with a variation of: grated carrot, grated zucchini, chopped beetroot, canned corn, grated cheese and olives. Add lean ham or shredded chicken breast. The idea is to let the kids make their own rainbows. Trust me, they’ll want to eat their creations. Grown-ups can add some basil and chilli flakes to their ‘rainbow pizzas’ to add a bit more zest to happy hour. I know that I need it.

Gluten-free & Low FODMAP: use gluten free pizza bases