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caffeine, mercury & food safety whilst pregnant

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Here is some food advice to get you started. Caffeine crosses the placenta during pregnancy. Is it safe? Too much can increase the risk of miscarriage or a low birth weight baby. It is safe to drink coffee, it’s all about the quantity:
–  Limit to <200mg/day = 1-2 small cups of coffee per day (espresso, percolated) and a cup of tea (green or weak strength), or 3-4 instant coffees per day
Other sources of caffeine include: tea, cola, energy drinks, chocolate, guarana and caffeine supplements.

Found in fish and seafood. Excessive amounts associated with brain injury and toxicity. Deep sea fish contain the highest levels. Fish is a really important source of omega-3 fats, which assist baby’s brain development, so include it in the below quantities:

Current recommendations (FSANZ):

–  Limit fish such as swordfish and flake to once per fortnight and avoid other fish for the fortnight.

–  Limit fish such as orange roughy, catfish to (150g) per week.

–  Limit all other fish (such as salmon, tuna, whiting) to 2-3 serves per week.
There are many dietary consideration during pregnancy. If you’d like individualised advice, come along for an antenatal nutrition consult at NEST Family Clinic.
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