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one more serve of veg

By Nicole Bando, APD, IBCLC

  • Make a breakfast omelette – throw in a handful of veg such as spinach, capsicum, mushrooms. Add lean ham, cottage cheese or feta.
  • Snack on a small can of corn or 4 bean mix
  • Snack on a cob of corn
  • Grate loads of leftover veg to make vegetable fritters, recipe
  • Snack on vegetables sticks & dip
  • Try roasted chickpeas/ fava beans or edamame as a snack
  • Munch on celery & cream cheese
  • Roast a big tray of vegetables and use in lunches
  • Grate some carrot into your sandwich
  • Load some raw chopped mushrooms into a wrap with tuna and avocado
  • Mix washed baby spinach leaves through pasta or rice
  • Make a loaded veg soup and eat throughout the week
  • Stock up on frozen veg and add a couple of handfuls to your meals
  • Add some sliced tomato and basil to your morning toast with cottage cheese or avocado instead of vegemite
  • Add a tomato and handful of greens to your morning eggs