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Lolly bags, do they matter?

Children attend multiple parties every year. If each party provides lolly bags (alongside party food), our kids are likely to consume excessive amounts of sugar, with minimal nutrients. These foods take the place of healthier options and can impact healthy growth, mood & concentration, not to mention the copious plastic packaging that ends up in landfill. We can have a positive impact on our children and planet by choosing healthier party food options & lolly bag alternatives. Why not give these ideas a try for your next children’s party?

–    Craft to-do sets e.g. scrapbooking materials
–    Colouring in books
–    Play-Doh kits
–    Pencils and notebooks
–    Books
–    Seedlings to grow a garden
–    Frisbee or sporting equipment such as a ball
–    Recipe cards to healthy recipes to make at home

Try providing these in paper bags instead of plastic bags to make your party more environmentally friendly.

By Emma McShane, Dietitian. Edited by Nicole Bando, Dietitian & LC